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Kali Jugend - Crippling Narcissism & Absolute Self​-​Doubt

by Detriti Records

a knife in the back undo your dress artifice and nature censorship approval I ain't the same terminal mess but I'm not done hunting for that dark & damp groove all across the floor human crop you are slowing I don't stop slow as you need until we drop give up and sink in thy Black Mother's arms I've grown tired all of this is shit might as well surrender dance the New Body Beat new body music pulse in your head find yourself moving lie down dead
friction onto bone nervous systems fail to intertwine inside this flesh I'm not alone control is yours but your body is mine with my life and will you live on command to suck and smear I eat the love you live to give evade no pain fear no fear as our bodies tend to relax fact of matter is about to dissolve engage impossible sex tension, affection persistently evolve blessed are the drugs that keep me away and bless your soul that holds me dear and death is blessed when feelings fade a sovereign urge to keep things clear a terrible yearning to come the smell of the nylon - I'm gone dusk in the garden of dew deep in the flesh where I met you in a moment assigned to explode I hold your breath we become the load
Cold 02:10
be cold to me baby cold to me baby be cold to me baby like I knew you could be cold to me baby don't ask any questions be cold to me baby I'm up to no good be cold to me baby you know how to do it when you act up all cruel and you get on up it's a one way ticket to a ride with no safe word be cold to me baby oh she bop
pocket in your pocket and its content made to shock me hour to devour all the glossaries invoke me living in the present that was never meant to be looking for surrender and I'm yearning to be free and I'm learning to be free
pleasure is a ridicule unreasonable to engage into reaping fuel from the inner duel in a practice that will make you cruel opening the wound tightening the glove thrilled and sickened and it must be love deep and sinking and it must be love dripping, sucking and it must be love a pretense akin to the classes below pure gloom: synaptic fire autoregulated coordination of a non-desire inline retina defined a voluntary focus that no pre-reality could line out
Vapor 03:31


Track 1: backing vocals by Popsimonova
Track 2: synth programming by Mr. Pauli (Sumerian Fleet)
Track 6: synth programming by Popsimonova

Detriti Records Cassette DR036

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Kali Jugend - injecting excitement into dissapointment since 2014. Gathered to worship thy Black Mother and reflect the terminal mess of the endtimes for the mankind. Influenced by 60's rhythm & soul, as well as the ultra-mundane funk of the 80's proto-EBM and the apocalyptic post-industrial esoteria. Inspired by a general disillusion in sex, drugs and the deteriorated youth culture. Members are Zarkoff (Sumerian Fleet), Tzar and Chupa, aided for this release by the charming Slavic spectre Popsimonova and the sneaky Dutch body merchant Mr. Pauli.


released May 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Detriti Records Berlin, Germany

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